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Pacific Northwest District

Puget Sound Chapter

General Meeting Minutes

June 9, 1998

Attendance: 17 people

President: Bill Parshall Vice President: Judith McCool, Ch - Education Secretary: Beverly Levenson Treasurer: Clarence Bennett 5th Position: Diana Ronning, Ch - Ways & Means 6th Position: Gary L. Gorsha 7th Position: Leo Winburn, Ch - Membership 8th Position: Vacant 9th Position: Vacant Delia Batalia Nancy Gagnon Mark Jupiter Gloria McCallister Shawn McCallister Willie Mieldon Vdai Raj Ramon Ramirez Vivian Rivera Tom Velonza Carole Williams Diana Ronning presented a program on Providing Excellent Customer Service which included an excellent film entitled A Gift from Mrs. Timms available from Dartnell of Chicago, Telephone: 800-621-5463. The meeting was called to order by President, Bill Parshall, at 1:40 P.M. at Swedish Medical Center, Seattle. Minutes: Willie Mieldon made a motion to accept the minutes of the May 12, 1998 meeting, seconded by Leo, and passed. Treasurer\rquote s Report: Checking Balance is $1,737.92 and Savings Balance is $1,113.61 for a total of $2,851.53. A motion was made by Diana, seconded by Judi, and passed, to accept the treasurer's report. Correspondence: R.E.H./C.E.H./Awards: 0.15 ceu was awarded for the May presentation on The Henry Art Gallery Behind the Scenes Unfinished Business\plain \fs20 : Plans for attendance at the National Convention were reviewed. Six members of our chapter will be attending as delegates: 1) Bill Parshall, 2) Diana Ronning, 3) Judy Benjamin, 4) Clarence Bennett, 5) Ken Whitney, and Mark Jupiter. \tab Judi McCool will also be attending some of the events, though not as a delegate. \par \tab \tab The All-Day \plain \b\fs20 Seminar\plain \fs20 is planned for Thursday, September 24, 1998 at Swedish Medical Center, Seattle. The primary intent/target audience of the seminar is to offer pertinent information to our members and potential members to assist them with their educational (ceu) requirements for maintaining/obtaining CEH/REH status. The topics will be chosen from the list in last month\rquote s minutes to emphasize the top three areas indicated by our last survey of members\rquote preferences: 1) Safety Issues, 2) Regulatory/Compliance Issues, and 3) Computer Applications for Environmental Services. The cost structure for the seminar will be: $45 for 1-month pre-registration; $55 during last month; $60 at the door. Carole Williams will be preparing a Seminar Brochure for the event.\par \plain \fs16 \tab \tab \par \plain \fs20\ul New Business\plain \fs20 : Judi McCool announced that she would be leaving Madigan and the Puget Sound Chapter for a new position in Corvallis, Oregon. Judi\rquote s energetic efforts on our behalf will be sorely missed. Bill has appointed Diana as temporary chairman of the Education Committee.\par \tab \tab Leo volunteered and was appointed by Bill to be the new Membership Committee chairman. It was suggested that each member \plain \b\fs20 Adopt-a-Member\plain \fs20 to encourage attendance and participation in the chapter\rquote s activities. Both formal and informal Site Visits were suggested as another way to exchange professional information and connect the membership. A \plain \b\fs20 Hotel/Motel Hospitality Industry Outreach Program\plain \fs20 was again suggested, and the mutual benefits of an exchange of information between the two fields were emphasized: healthcare has become more hospitality oriented, and the hospitality industry is having to cope with more hospital environment type regulatory compliance.\par \tab \tab Judi distributed Educational Certificates of Completion for attendance at the last two presentations.\par \tab \tab Carole Williams of Stericycle presented to each attendee a \plain \b\fs20 Member\rquote s Binder\plain \fs20 , complete with the IEHA Collect, a current \plain \b\fs20 Membership Roster\plain \fs20 , a pocket for Certificates of Completion (of ceu courses), and a humorous \lquote MSDS for WOMAN\rquote . Additional copies are available for other members who attend in the future.\par \tab \tab Copies of \plain \b\fs20 Bylaw Proposals\plain \fs20 to be voted upon at the National Convention were distributed. Comment was solicited to help direct our delegate\rquote s votes at the convention. Willie Mieldon gave a brief presentation on some of the effects of the bylaw changes being considered to help get us started.\par \plain \fs16 \par \plain \fs20 Meeting was adjourned at 2:19 P.M. \tab \tab \tab \tab \tab Minutes submitted by Gary Gorsha.\par }