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{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252 \deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl{\f0\froman\fcharset0 Times New Roman;}{\f1\froman\fcharset2 Symbol;}{\f2\fswiss\fcharset0 Arial;}}{\colortbl;\red0\green0\blue0;\red0\green0\blue255;\red0\green255\blue255;\red0\green255\blue0;\red255\green0\blue255;\red255\green0\blue0;\red255\green255\blue0;\red255\green255\blue255;\red0\green0\blue127;\red0\green127\blue127;\red0\green127\blue0;\red127\green0\blue127;\red127\green0\blue0;\red127\green127\blue0;\red127\green127\blue127;\red192\green192\blue192;}{\stylesheet{\fs20 \snext0 Normal;}{\cs10\fs20 \snext10 Default Paragraph Font;}}{\info{\title INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION}{\author Gary L. Gorsha}{\operator Gary L. Gorsha}{\creatim\yr1998\mo5\dy12\hr22\min44}{\revtim\yr1998\mo5\dy15\hr18\min9}{\printim\yr1998\mo5\dy15\hr17\min57}{\version4}{\edmins144}{\nofpages0}{\nofwords0}{\nofchars0}}\margb0\margl1080\margr720\margt432 \widowctrl\ftnbj\revbar1\revprop1\ftnnar\aftnnrlc \sectd \marglsxn1080\margrsxn720\margtsxn432\margbsxn0\guttersxn0\linex0\endnhere1 \pard \qc \plain \b\i INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION\plain \b\fs20 \par \pard \par \pard \qc \plain \b\i\fs22 Pacific Northwest District\tab \tab \tab Puget Sound Chapter\plain \fs22 \par \pard \par \pard \qc Board Meeting Minutes\par May 12, 1998\par \par \pard \plain \fs20\ul Attendance\plain \fs20 : \plain \b\fs20\ul X\plain \b\fs20 \plain \fs20 President: Bill Parshall\tab \tab \tab \tab \tab \plain \b\fs20\ul X\plain \b\fs20 \plain \fs20 6th Position:\tab Gary L. Gorsha\par \tab \plain \b\fs20\ul X\plain \b\fs20 \plain \fs20 Vice President: \plain \b\fs20 \plain \fs20 Judith McCool, Chairman - Education\tab \plain \fs20\ul \plain \fs20 7th Position:\tab Leo Winburn\par \tab \plain \fs20\ul \plain \fs20 Secretary: Beverly Levenson\tab \tab \tab \tab \plain \fs20\ul \plain \fs20 8th Position:\tab Vacant, Chair - Membership\par \tab \plain \b\fs20\ul X\plain \fs20 Treasurer: Clarence Bennett\tab \tab \tab \tab \plain \fs20\ul \plain \fs20 9th Position:\tab Vacant\par \tab \plain \b\fs20\ul X\plain \fs20 5th Position: Diana Ronning, Chairman - Ways & Means\tab \par \tab \tab \par The meeting was called to order by President, Bill Parshall, at 9:40 A.M.\par \par \plain \fs20\ul Minutes\plain \fs20 : The minutes of the April 14, 1998 meeting were accepted with the following corrections/additions:\par \tab Correspondence: Gary made a motion to fund the expenses of two delegates to the National Convention in Las Vegas, \tab seconded by Judi, and affirmed by the board.\par \tab R.E.H./C.E.H./Awards: 0.1 ceu was awarded for the April presentation on \ldblquote Adding Value Through Customer Service\rdblquote \par \par \plain \fs20\ul Treasurer\rquote s Report\plain \fs20 : Checking Balance is $2,032.62 and Savings Balance is $2,113.61 for a total of $4,146.23. A motion was \tab made by Diana, seconded by Gary, and passed, to accept the treasurer\rquote s report. A motion was made by Diana, seconded \tab by Judi, and passed to reimburse Clarence for the registration fee at the National Convention in Las Vegas, NV. A \tab motion was made by Gary, seconded by Judi, and passed to reimburse Clarence for a $7 parking fee used by Willie \tab Mieldon and Clarence for a meeting with Kevin Spivey of the Four Seasons regarding possible IEHA membership.\par \par \plain \fs20\ul Correspondence\plain \fs20 : A new and impressive \ldblquote Invitation\rdblquote to apply for membership form was received from National.\tab \par \tab A VHS training module worth about 0.3 ceu is now available for $99 through Dave Herron of Coast Wide.\par \tab Donations were solicited for the Education Foundation for use as scholarships. A motion was made by Clarence, \tab seconded by Diana, and passed to donate $25 from chapter funds to the Education Foundation, and to encourage the \tab general membership to at least match that amount as well.\par \tab Three new members have joined our chapter:\par \tab \tab 1) Hart F. Sugarman, of Holland America Line in Seattle,\par \tab \tab 2) Sean G. Thornton, of Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee, and\par \tab \tab 3) Scott G. Austin of Harry A. Stroh Association in Anchorage, Alaska.\par \par \plain \fs20\ul Unfinished Business\plain \fs20 : An extended and detailed brain-storming session then took place regarding possible fund raising events. \tab The following ideas will be investigated further:\par \tab \tab 1) A Book Sale held in conjunction with Barnes & Noble (or other vendor) to be pursued by Diana.\par \tab \tab 2) An All-Day (5-6 hr) Seminar in September or October with one-hour presentations on four of the topics \tab \tab suggested below, possible speaker in \{brackets\}, follow-up person in [brackets]:\par \tab \tab a) Asbestos Safety \{Mary Ann of Swedish\}, [Diana],\par \tab \tab b) Multi-Resistant Bugs \{Mary Ann of Swedish\}, [Diana],\par \tab \tab c) Multi-Sensitivity Allergies & Indoor Air Quality Issues \{Mary Ann of Swedish\}, [Diana],\par \tab \tab d) Computers (ESD Internet Sites, Email, ESD Staffing & Supply Tracking Programs), [Gary],\par \tab \tab e) Security Issues, [Bill],\par \tab \tab f) Human Resources Issues, [uncertain],\par \tab \tab g) REH/CEH Certification Importance & Procedure, [Judi],\par \tab \tab h) Linen Cost Minimization keyed to our membership, \{Gary Butromowitz\}, [uncertain],\par \tab \tab i) Scholarship Application Procedure, [Judi],\par \tab \tab j) Safety Issues like OSHA, violence in the workplace, asbestos, [Bill],\par \tab \tab 3) Location of Event in the South Seattle / South Sound area, preferably at a member facility or donated room \tab \tab with reasonable parking availability,\par \tab \tab a) Swedish Medical Center,\par \tab \tab b) Coast Wide Conference Room,\par \tab \tab c) Tacoma General Auditorium,\par \tab \tab 4) Cost Structure (tentative): $45 for 1-month pre-registration; $55 during last month; $60 at door.\par \tab \tab 5) Official Membership Booth to be staffed at the event.\par \par Meeting was adjourned at 11:45 A.M. \tab \tab \tab \tab \tab Minutes submitted by Gary Gorsha.\par }