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Chapter Letterhead
2002 Calendar of Events
January 01/08/02 Vince's RestaurantChapter Plans
February 02/12/02 Asplund Supply 49 - 37th St. NW
Auburn, WA 98003
Words of WisdomDave Baker
March 03/12/02 Northwest HospitalHospital Physical Therapy / Back Injuries
April 04/09/02 University of Washington Chapter Elections
Tour of Campus Bldg.
Gene Woodard
IEHA Nat'l Pres.
May 05/14/02 University of WashingtonSeminar / Trade Show
June 06/11/02 Everett Medical CenterRainier Medical Office Bldg.Common Human Resources Issues
in Env. Svcs. Depts.
Andrea BartonHuman Resources
August 08/13/02 Steel Lake Park Annual Picnic
September 09/10/02 Madigan Army Hospital
October 10/08/02 UoW Medical Center1959 NE Pacific St.Medical Waste Mgt. at UWMC
& Tour of San-I-Pak Autoclave
Gary Butrymowicz
& Tim Nguyen
Environmental Services
November 11/12/02 Swedish Medical CenterFirst Hill Campus
EPA/OSHA IRQA Regulations
on New Construction Projects
Clinton ButtsRisk Assessment
December 12/10/02 Tony Roma's @ SouthCenterHoliday Party

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Page Updated: October 10, 2002
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